Client: Myself
Project: The idea of recreating famous paintings came to me after a visit to the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool where I fell in love with a painting by Charles Edward Perugini  called "Peonies". While in quarantine in 2020, I decided to pursue this project as a way stay creative but also to keep my focus on something that passionate me during these hard times. 
 Moreover, this idea of recreating paintings also came from a desire to see more diversity in art, something that is inevitably lacking due to our history.
- Art Direction
- Photography
Painting: Peonies by Charles Edward Perugini
Painting: Womanhood by Thomas Edwin Mostyn
Painting: A Young Beauty by Vittorio Reggianini​​​​​​​
Painting: An Allegory of Victory by Jules Lefebvre
Painting: Madame X by John Singer
Painting: The Red Rose by Guillaume Seignac
Painting: An Illicit Letter by Vittorio Reggianini

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